Before buying a property

It can be very confusing and overwhelming even to start think about purchasing new home in Spain, especially if you are from whole other country. Relax, we have your back, and you have our full assistance from the very beginning to the very day, you are entering your new house in Costa Blanca. 

Here are the first things you need to be aware of before buying a property in Costa Blanca, Spain 

  • First, we would highly recommend getting an agent from a professional and trusted real estate. We understand that sometimes it looks like you can do it on your own, which you can, of course, but share your time with professionals and make it happen sooner and with no hidden surprises, which can bring problems on a long run. What surprises you would ask?

Very important is to make sure and check if the property is free of charges, mortgage, or tenants via Land Registry. If it’s a new building, the urban situation of the property via Catastro and townhall - whether in the future there are any urban projects in the area must be looked after too.

  • As we like to say, first is LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.  Make sure you are aware of location you are planning to purchase a property in. Surroundings, connections, nearest towns or cities, schools, and hospitals, depending on your needs. Good idea to ask a  local people about area, or trusted agent to show you around. And if there is any struggle the language wise, we are sure we can help you with that too. And that we would love to do! 
  • Necessary documentation you need as a foreigner to be able to purchase a property on the Costa Blanca. Foreign citizens in Spain the only requirement for the purchase of a home is to have the N.I.E. (identification number for foreigners), there is no other special requirement for the purchase of a home.

More about requirements of buying a property in Costa Blanca in Guidance  

  • Spanish citizens only need the DNI (National Identity Document) in force
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